We want you and your eyes to love You & Eye’s products. We will refund your original form of payment within 30 days of purchase. To start a return email us at customerservice@youandeyecosmetics.com

At this time, You
& Eye ships to the continental U.S. states, however if you’re
somewhere else in the world, email us: customerservice@youandeyecosmetics.com

We’re committed to being cruelty free. This means that we don’t test on animals at any stage in product development. You & Eye believes cosmetic animal testing isn’t necessary and should be eliminated worldwide. Dr. Nicky, an animal lover herself, follows a 95% vegan and 100% vegetarian plant-based diet.

Yup! Dr. Nicky deeply believes that a plant-based lifestyle is most healthy.

We don’t expect this to happen since we’ve done extensive safety studies. However, if you should experience any irritations, please discontinue use and reach out to your doctor.