Why do you need skincare made specifically for the eye area?

A common question you may ask yourself as you browse You & Eye is: "

Do I *really* need skincare specifically made for the eye area?" 🤔⁠

If you've ever asked yourself that question, you're not alone.⁠

But I'm happy to help explain, scroll below!

Woman cleaning her eyes with facial cleanser

The simple answer is yes! You DO need skincare that's specific to the eye area.


The skin around your eyes is...

- More fragile

- More prone to dryness

- Quicker to show age & fatigue 

- Sensitive to the constant movement of the eyes and when your eyes squint

Lucky for you, if you're here, you've already discovered You & Eye, skincare that's made for the eye area.

XO, Dr. Nicky, Founder of You & Eye