Rules to follow if you wear contacts

Do you wear contacts? 

You probably wear them because you enjoy them and see better with contacts. But did you know your beauty practices affect how comfortably you wear contacts? ⁠

Here are my top beauty rules to follow for contact lens wearers:⁠

1- Contacts first: Put your contacts in first before you put your makeup on. If you put makeup on first, you might trap makeup particles underneath the contacts. ⁠

2- Remove contacts before taking off makeup: it’s important to take your contacts out before you remove your makeup to prevent makeup or cleansers getting trapped underneath contacts. ⁠

3- Choose water soluble products: sometimes eye creams and serums are more oil based, if the oils get under the contact lenses, this can lead to blurry vision. ⁠

4- Don’t overwear contacts: long term contact lens wear affects the health of the lash line oil glands aka the meibomian glands. When these glands become inflamed, it makes wearing makeup more difficult. ⁠

5- Contact lens care: it’s so important to properly take care of your contact lenses so you can comfortably enjoy makeup.⁠