How to make your eyes look bigger naturally

So many patients ask me about how they can make their eyes look larger & more open without surgery.

You may also be wondering how!   

Read below for quick, easy, and most importantly, natural tips that can help with that.

using a lash curler

  1. Use a lash curler -- curling the lashes lifts them, making the eyes look wider. Be gentle with the lash curler, if you're too aggressive with it, this can damage the lash follicle.
  2. Depuff your puffy eyes -- eating too much salt or not getting enough sleep can make your eyes look puffy, which makes the eyes look smaller.
  3. Don't forget about your brows -- of course the eyes are the most expressive feature of our face, but our brows frame them! Find the best brow shape that highlights your eyes.
  4. Brighten your dark circles -- under eye dark circles can make your eyes appear more set back. Brightening dark circles with concealer or turmeric can help.
  5. Get your sleep in -- catching those zzz's always helps to depuff the eyelids, thus making your eyes appear brighter and larger as a result.
  6. Use thin lines with eyeliner -- when applying eyeliner I recommend drawing thin lines with an eyeliner pencil or brush as thicker lines can give the illusion of a smaller eye.

Your eyes are already looking bigger!

XO, Dr. Nicky, Founder of You & Eye