How beauty sleep helps your eye health

Did you say beauty sleep or beautiful eyes? Actually...both!

Read more below to learn how beauty sleep can benefit the appearance and health of your eyes.

beauty sleep eye health

Keep it simple with these six tips:

1️⃣ Reduced puffy eyes: increased circulation helps absorb excess fluid around the eyes ⁠

2️⃣ Reduce dark circles: increased circulation helps to reduce under eye dark circles ⁠

3️⃣ Helps hydrate the eyes: sleeping helps replenish your tears so your eyes will feel less tired and dry ⁠

4️⃣ Brighter eyes: sleep helps increased blood flow for brighter looking skin ⁠

5️⃣ Skin repair: the eye area skin is the thinning skin in the body, sleeping helps to repair daily damage. ⁠

6️⃣ Collagen production: sleeping helps the skin to make collagen, and since we lose 1% of collagen per year after the age of 30 I’m all for anything that can help! ⁠


Beauty sleep and beautiful eyes, here we come!

XO, Dr. Nicky, Founder of "You & Eye"