Does Tightlining With Eyeliner Damage Your Eyes?

You undergo the same makeup routine — foundation, concealer, contour, blush, and lastly eyeshadow. But, now you're noticing something is wrong with your eyesight.

The answer can be caused from tightlining your eyes with eyeliner, one of the many eyeliner mistakes out there to make.

Tightlining — putting eyeliner or eyeshadow on your waterline — can damage your eyesight. Yes, you read that right. Your vision is being compromised every time you line your waterline with an eye pencil. 

Based on research conducted, the findings showed the glitter particles of the pencil eyeliner migrated more readily and contaminated the tear film when applied inside the waterline.

And, for those wearing contact lenses or who have sensitive eyes, the risk of vision damage is even greater, the outlet added. In some scenarios, tightlining will only irritate your eyes or contacts (via Cosmopolitan) and can cause eye infections. Honestly, your eyesight is not worth the risk of participating in this beauty trend.

Sourced from The List