6 ways to unclog your lash line oil glands

The lash line oil glands, aka meibomian glands are easily the most overlooked oil glands on your face!

Most of us don’t even know they exist. And that’s more than okay, that’s why I’m here!

I’ve learned that the best way to have long, healthy lashes is by taking care of these delicate oil glands. So now that you know that, who’s with me?! ⁠

1- Cleanse: Cleansing the eyelids with the right ingredients is so important to keeping the meibomian glands healthy.

The problem is most cleansers are too harsh for the eye area. But our "Keep it Fresh" Foaming Cleanser has ingredients like willow bark, that’s a natural salicylic acid that will gently keep the lash line oil glands open. ⁠

2- Warm compresses: Heat also helps open up clogged lash line oil glands.

That’s why when you get a stye, which is a clogged oil gland, warm compresses help with that! ⁠But make sure you are careful to avoid too hot temperatures. Warm is the key word here.

3- Avoid tightlining: I know it looks so good to put that eyeliner on the rim of the eyelid, but that’s where those lash line oil glands sit.

My advice is if you’re gonna tightline then you best use an eye specific cleanser to remove the makeup. ⁠

4- Take a break from your screens: When you’re staring at a screen, hardly blinking, the lash line oil glands are more likely to get clogged because blinking helps keep them unclogged.

Another great reason to give your eyes a break from screens! ⁠

5- See your eye doctor: There are a few great in-office procedures and lasers that we can do if your clogged lash line oil glands aren’t getting better. ⁠

6- Let our lash serum product help!⁠ Meet the "Lids, Love and Lash Enhancing" Serum aka your new bestie.

XO, Dr. Nicky, Founder of You & Eye