6 ways to keep your eyes healthy while traveling

Fall, winter, spring, summer...they all = travel season 🛫 So no matter when you're traveling and taking your dream vacation make sure you're also keeping your eyes healthy.

It starts with 6 steps -- learn more below. 

1. Bring artificial tears for flying on airplanes

Dry eyes tend to get worse on airplanes from the dry air in the cabin, so don't forget to use some artificial tears while flying.

2. Stay hydrated

Drink up! Staying hydrated while you're traveling is important to maintain healthy eyes that aren't dry.

3. Wear sunglasses

Some of the best travel days will happen in the sunny weather, but don't forget to pack your favorite pair of sunglasses so you (and your eyes) can comfortably enjoy all the fresh air and sun. 

4. Visit your eye doctor if needed before you depart

If you're experiencing any changes in vision before your travels, don't ignore this! Get to your eye doctor sooner rather than later.

5. Contact wearers should pack a pair of backup glasses

If you wear contacts, make sure you also bring a pair or two of glasses as a backup. You never can predict when your eyes will experience irritation. 

6. Remember contact lens solution

Don't use tap water as this can lead to serious infections in your eyes. If you forgot your contact solution, well...that's why we have tip #5, to use your backup glasses.


Safe travels for you & your eyes!

XO, Dr. Nicky, Founder of You & Eye aka "your chief eye officer"