6 everyday habits that worsen your eye beauty

Do you know which of your everyday habits is worsening your eye beauty? 😬 ⁠There are likely more than you'd expect!

Let me help you learn -- read more below.  

staring at screen digital eye strain

🕶 Forgetting your sunnies. UV protection around the eye area is a must! The eye area is super vulnerable to damage from UV rays since it’s the thinnest skin in the body. ⁠

💧 Relying on drops that “take the red out.” Using these types of drops on the regular actually has the opposite effect and makes your eyes more red. Also your eyes shouldn’t be red, if they are, then something might be irritating them.

💋 Wearing expired eye makeup. Expired eye makeup is most likely contaminated with bacteria. This irritates your eyes making them more sensitive to eye makeup. ⁠

👁 Overwearing contact lenses. Contact lenses stay soft by absorbing your tears. Overwearing them leads to dry, uncomfortable eyes. ⁠

💨 Smoking. The chemicals in cigarettes are irritating to the delicate eyes, causing them to turn red. Not to mention smoking can also exacerbate certain eye conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration.

📺 Staring at screens all day. When you stare at screens, you forget to blink, leaving your eyes to become dry. This makes your eyes look dull and red. ⁠


Watch out for these everyday habits, you may do them more frequently than you think! 

XO, Dr. Nicky, Founder of You & Eye aka your "chief eye officer"