5 ways to defeat under eye dark circles

Nothing ruins a great eye day like under-eye dark circles. 

They can be really frustrating and difficult to deal with especially if you don’t know where to start.

Read below to learn 6 tips and tricks for how to get rid of dark circles. ⁠

under eye dark circles

1. ☀️ Wear sunscreen
Damage from the sun can lead to hyperpigmentation of the skin ⁠

2. 👁 Avoid rubbing your eyes

Constant eye rubbing can lead to an increase in a melanin pigment in the under eye area. A result of increased melanin is increased dark coloration.

3. 💊 Use Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a great antioxidant that helps fight off free radicals helping to reduce damage from UV light that softens the appearance of hyperpigmentation. ⁠

4. 🦠 Treat allergies

Allergies lead to congestion in the small blood vessels in the under eye area. Congested blood vessels cause dark circles and puffy eyes. ⁠

5.🍴 Maintain a healthy diet

What we eat reflects in our skin. It’s important to eat foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants to help our skin fight free radicals that can lead to hyperpigmentation. ⁠


Start with these tips and you can say bye bye to your under eye dark circles.

XO, Dr. Nicky, Founder of You & Eye