4 ways to treat milia

Have you ever seen these tiny white bumps near your eye area?

You're looking at milia.

Milia is very common. They form when dead skin cells and keratin get trapped underneath the skin.⁠This can occur when you use heavy moisturizes, makeup and/or not exfoliating enough. ⁠

So here are my 5 best tips on how to get rid of them:⁠
1️⃣ Gently exfoliate the area to try get rid of dead skin cells⁠

2️⃣ Topical salicylic acid and glycolic acid can also help exfoliate the skin

3️⃣ Topical retinol products can also help increase skin cell turnover, getting rid of dead skin cells faster⁠

4️⃣ As tempting as it might be, don’t pick at them! Picking at them can create inflammation and scarring. ⁠

5️⃣ Your friendly ophthalmologist or dermatologist can help get rid of them safely in the office if they’re not going away!⁠